Chido’s Mushrooms – local and nutritious food grown on remains of coffee production

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. 7.5 million tons of coffee and almost the same amount of waste are produced every year. These leftovers can be used for the production of healthy gourmet mushrooms.
The idea for this sustainable business model stems from Africa where people are empowered to supply themselves with important nutrients and create jobs through mushroom production. As a kid Chido Govera, the Co-founder of Chido UG, had to learn how valuable available resources like organic waste can be. Since then she breeds mushrooms and shares her knowledge worldwide.

People can also grow their own mushrooms at home (or become a franchise or license partner of this sustainable model).

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Or read more about case 3 „Coffee: from Pulp to Protein“ of The Blue Economy:…

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