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Combustion-Free Hot Water at the Whole Systems Research Farm
Making Soil and Hot Water at the Same Time:Testing the first generation of Jean Pain woody-compost water-heating mound at Whole Systems Design's Vermont hill farm. We are now 2 months into testing our first mound and the results are astounding with hot water able to be harvested from the mound at a rate of about 1 gallon/minute at 120 F continuously, or cycles of 145F water harvested in 30 gallon amounts. We will be using this mound to make soil for the gardens and fruiting perennials on the farm and for in-soil bed heating of our greenhouse for season extension. Details on how to make these and other resiliency systems are in our workshops and in forthcoming videos released on our website,, these video channels, and announced on the Whole Systems Design and Bright Blue Facebook pages:
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16.01.2013 (vor 645 Tagen)
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Combustion-Free Hot Water at the Whole Systems Research Farm